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How to write the perfect CV part 2


Last time we published some of our top tips to writing a CV because we know how challenging it can be transferring all of your work experience and personal skills into a written document. This week, we are offering you the second part to our CV-writing guide. It's important to remember that although we are experts in CV writing, your CV is personal to you and so ultimately you should decide on the information you want to include.

Key Skills

Bullet point your areas of expertise so they are easy to read and look tidy. If you have a lot, you can put these into columns - whatever makes your CV look nice and presentable. More often than not, we would advise your key skills to sit higher up on your CV than your education as they are likely to be more relevant to the job roles you are interested in.

Professional Experience

Another term for ‘career history’, the way you layout the professional experience section on your CV is really important. Include a couple of short sentences about the organisations you have worked for to give the employer some context to the service they provide. Always include company names, your job role, and the dates you worked there.

Key Responsibilities

Yes, you should keep your CV concise, but you still need to provide as much information as possible. Don’t limit your key responsibilities to three or four bullet points, you should include everything your day-to-day job involves, plus anything else relevant to the type of role you are looking for. This is your opportunity to showcase your skill set so it’s really important to include a lot of detail.

Key Achievements

If you want to include these, we would encourage you to put them underneath your career experience. This section is really important for roles in sales and account management as employers will expect to see figures to back up the skills you have listed throughout your CV.


We are really keen on including interests on CVs as it helps you to stand out, adds personality, and makes you seem approachable. We prefer the interests section to be written in sentence-form so that it flows in a more informal, conversational way and stands out from the professional and direct tone in the rest of the document. If a hiring manager has got hold of two CVs with the same experience, they are going to be looking at personality to set them apart from each other.

Whether you want help from our Recruitment Specialist with writing your CV, or just need some advice on what information to include in your application, we can help you take the next steps to securing your dream job.

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